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We provide cost-effective indoor and outdoor Enterprise Wireless LAN networks for industries and environments throughout Central and South America. The Internet solution for your industry is simple. You need a managed Wifi network to optimize wireless internet service for your users and to protect you and your company. With Wifi 507, you will be provided with reliable, state-of-the-art wireless service & optimal products like our cloud controller, which is handled by Meraki, the easiest-to-manage enterprise WLAN. Some of the industries we provide our services to include: Wireless Service, Panama As a gold authorized reseller of Meraki, Wifi 507 is trained in the installation and safeguarding of Meraki’s products and services, so you can be assured the best experience that wireless internet has to offer. Stop wasting money on expensive routers and software, and start roaming from the clouds! Please call us at (507) 223-0507 to see the difference WiFi 507 can make for your industry today!

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Wifi 507 | Panama City, Republic of Panama

Serving Central and South America, including in and around: Ciudad de Panamá, Panama, São Paulo, Brazil, Mexico City, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San José, Costa Rica & Caracas, Venezuela, Santiago, Chile, Tegucigalpa, Honduras & Guatemala City, Guatemala.